Live Like Never Before

What do I do?

I help visionaries create the work and life they love - the inspired ones who stand for a dream, to inspire & help people with their vision, project, start up.

The Science of You

Understand your strengths and uncover what is holding you back.

Master Your Inner World

Frustrated to keep getting similar negative outcomes? It is time now to become a Master Creator.

Create Your Destiny

Integrate science and spirit to create the ultimate success blueprint for your life.


Coaching Benefits

Compelling plan

Clarity of purpose and a compelling game plan to create the work and life you love.

Inner Peace

Tools and techniques to deal with emotional challenges that you are having.


Be your best friend.


The way of life.


  • IreneIrene

    “I love the fact that you helped me clarify my core philosophy and that you helped me see how important collaboration is for me. This has given me a push to improve areas in my life in an exciting way already, so thank you Amit.”

  • DavidDavid

    “Amit will prompt you to see your responsibility in a new light.”

  • FionaFiona

    “It’s great to have someone to think along with and hold you accountable. Amit is very honest in his feedback and discusses openly what it is that could be holding me back. These qualities assist me to be honest with myself and assist me to create this wonderful life.”

  • Deepa-RoseDeepa-Rose

    "Amit is incredible at understanding the situations and thought patterns!! He offers different tools and meditative practices that may help with the situations. I highly recommend Amit."

  • JenniferJennifer

    "Amit gave me the tools to restructure my life to do what I desired, live a life more mindful of my environment, take better care of my health and improve my relationships daily. Thanks for empowering me to help change the world to be a better place."

  • SarahSarah

    "Amit taught me to encourage and nurture myself – physically, spiritually, and mindfully."

  • SimonSimon

    "Amit helped me to see my situation from different perspectives, and discover what was holding me back."

  • AnnaAnna

    "Amit is understanding, non-judgemental, and really cares!! I always feel better after talking with him."

  • WillemijnWillemijn

    "If you are in need for some coaching, contact Amit. He is frank, asks you some very direct questions and at the same time has a lot of integrity, and patience."

  • RachanaRachana

    "Gratitude from the bottom of my heart for giving me your precious time! My session with you was extremely informative and it helped me to sort out those areas of my life where I was stuck. Thank you once again."

  • MattMatt

    "Amit helps me look at my life in a positive light and gives me strategies to get through the negative times."

Love Life. Love Yourself.

Ways you can learn from my knowledge and experiences, the good, bad, ugly, and amazing.



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